Majority of Americans Believe Wedding Businesses Should Serve Same-Sex Couples

Majority of Americans (60%) and Wedding Professionals (64%) believe businesses should be required to serve same-sex couples

In 2014, the Pew Research Center found that an almost equal split of Americans believed that businesses should be required to serve same-sex couples (49%) as should be allowed to refuse services for religious reasons (47%).  And, though the Supreme Court may have settled the question of marriage equality in 2015, it, like the wedding industry itself, did not resolve the simmering debate about whether or not wedding professionals should be compelled to serve same-sex couples if they opposed same-sex marriage. With Masterpiece Cakeshop v. the Colorado Civil Rights Commission on the Fall 2017 U.S. Supreme Court docket, this study sought an updated take on this question from the general population, while also asking wedding professionals to weigh in on the question: should businesses be allowed to refuse to serve same-sex couples?
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The Question of Wedding Service Refusal Persists Since Marriage Equality

WPM - September 2017

This article ran originally in the Sept/Oct 2017 issue of Wedding Planner Magazine. The original article “Putting Pride in Perspective: Seeking Inside-The-Industry Answers to Marriage Equality Issues” has been reprinted here by permission from the publisher.

Seeking Inside-the-Industry  Answers to Marriage Equality Issues

By Kathryn Hamm

These days, the emotional range of the LGBTQ community can broadly be described as reflective, agitated, and empowered. On the heels of the advent of marriage equality two years ago, with several lower courts ruling against wedding pros who refused to serve same-sex couples, and with higher approval ratings for and comfort with same-sex marriage, there is certainly much about which the LGBTQ community can feel empowered and content.

But a deeper unrest exists for many beneath the champagne toasts and sparkler-lit receptions. Read More

Progress and Challenges For The LGBT Community

Kathryn joined guest host Lisa Desjardins of PBS NewsHour on The Diane Rehm Show on June 16, 2016 to discuss the challenges and the progress faced by the LGBTQ community, particularly in light of the recent massacre in Orlando, Florida where one man killed 49 LGBTQ Latinx patrons and injured 53 more.

The discussion also included Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center; Laura Durso of the Center For American Progress; and Emma Green, senior associate editor of The Atlantic, covering politics, policy and religion.

The group discussed the nature of the terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub and the high incidence of hate crimes against the LGBTQ community.

Kathryn also discussed some of the data revealed in the 2016 Survey of Contemporary Couples & Current Wedding Trends, including the fact that LGBTQ couples report receiving less emotional support from parents that non-LGBTQ couples, and that same-sex couples who are millennials report more fear of rejection when planning their weddings. Read More

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